Passport Technology's DataStream Achieves TR-31 Encryption Integration Creating New Opportunity for ATM Providers

Passport Technology

Passport Technology ("Passport"), a global leader of payment technology for the gaming industry, is pleased to announce DataStream™ has completed the deployment of host-to-gateway TR-31 encryption integration. The certification and launch of DataStream's augmented secure key management system positions DataStream as one of the few U.S.-based acquirers to transition to this significantly more secure encryption standard.

An innovator of reliable and compliant processing technology, DataStream is one of the largest bank-sponsored ATM processors in North America, facilitating ATM, POS, ACH, and retail transactions. The TR-31 encryption integration follows the recent migration to a fully cloud-based processing solution. Delivering cloud-based processing, true hot/hot transaction processing, and TR-31 encryption, DataStream is the vanguard in ATM innovation, uptime, redundancy, and data security.

TR-31 encryption format provides numerous extra layers of encryption security to terminal and host implemented encryption keys. Employing a 96-bit keyset versus the 64-bit encryption of traditional TDES encryption, the TR-31 key block offers a unique set of defined key attributes securely bound to the key and transported together between connected systems that understand TR-31. This remarkable feature of TR-31 encryption is a key differentiator in the market and is important for ATM providers.

"The deployment of our TR-31 secure key management system is truly an exciting accomplishment for our ATM and POS processing clients," stated Kent Cain, SVP of Platform Operations at Passport. "Not only can terminal providers rest comfortably knowing the top industry standards of key encryption are used to secure cardholder data during transactions, but TR-31 is set to revolutionize the way providers manage physical keys at the terminals."

In addition, DataStream will release a ground-breaking TR-31 remote key loading and management dashboard for our clients in early 2022. The system will enable automated initial key creation and deployment, dynamic key management, single-touch RKL wizard, and an advanced key management compliance reporting tool. Each feature is purposely built to provide added convenience, reduce service costs, and enhance revenue streams for DataStream clients.

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