Passport Technology Shapes Differentiated Path Through Advanced Loyalty, Payment and Automation Solutions at G2E 2023

Passport Technology (“Passport”), a global leader in payment technology for the gaming industry, invites attendees to check out the latest in casino payment, loyalty, automation and customer engagement technology at the 2023 Global Gaming Expo (“G2E”) Oct. 10-12 in booth #3430. Casino operators will have the opportunity to experience the latest in cashless payments, cashier automation, loyalty, regulatory compliance, and customer engagement solutions powering modern casinos. 

“We are excited to showcase transformative new products and enhancements to existing industry-leading solutions for the gaming industry,” stated Cleve Tzung, CEO, Passport. “Our team is steadfast in its commitment to consistently achieving a high standard of success for the benefit of our valued customers. Passport continues to differentiate itself within the industry in providing advanced technology alongside insightful collaboration resulting in must-see industry advancements.”

Refining the Patron Experience


With digital, online, and brick-and-mortar touchpoints, the Lush® platform drives player acquisition, retention, and loyalty for casinos of all sizes. Passport’s proprietary HTML5-based solution is flexibly designed to offer unlimited possibilities for customization. Lush empowers casino operators to independently configure promotional campaigns and finely control their customers’ experience. Mira® is an accompanying solution for self-service player card dispensing with up to six loyalty tiers. Lush connectivity is driven by the Origins™ API that is integrated with numerous gaming and resort systems, including reservations and food-and-beverage POS.

CashLoop™ Digital Wallet

CashLoop™ provides patrons convenient, fast, and secure access to funds through numerous interactive touchpoints, including table games, slots, and online platforms, all from the convenience of their phones. Customers are able to access a range of modern funding sources through their digital wallets previously inaccessible at brick-and-mortar casinos. The CashLoop mobile app closely integrates with Lush® loyalty to streamline the sign-up process, offer unique incentives, and unify resort-wide connectivity — offering a compelling reason for patrons to go cashless.


DataStream® is Passport’s purpose-built engine for processing ATM and POS gaming transactions. Passport independently operates a fully cloud-based processing architecture to provide clients with unmatched reliability, automated redundancies, maximal uptime and processing security not available in traditionally hosted environments. DataStream enables Passport to deliver innovative features such as Dynamic Pricing for real-time fee customization based on player loyalty and casino initiatives.


Passport’s cash services solutions provide industry-best approval rates, transaction speed, patron experience, and reporting with integrations custom-designed for local markets throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. Credit, debit, check, TITO, cashless, wireless, loyalty, and custom applications reside within the Passport ecosystem with the industry’s highest standard of service and security. Passport’s cash services and DataStream processing combine to provide unmatched features and reliability.

Jackpot Unity™

The first all-in-one jackpot payout solution offering mobile functionality, Jackpot Unity™ streamlines the payout process with direct CMS integration and tablet functionality across multiple operating systems. Digitally capturing and automating the jackpot increases staff efficiency, reduces variances, and expedites payout for a better player experience and increased cash flow to the floor. 


Pay@Play™ enables customers to purchase chips with their debit card or CashLoop digital wallet directly at a table game, reducing the need to visit the cage or handle cash at the table. Payout options are also expanded, as winnings can be transferred instantly to a debit card or back to a digital wallet. The intuitive customer-driven transaction flow yields a fast approval while minimizing dealer involvement and interruptions to game play. Pay@Play operates on a sleek all-in-one payment device that can be passed around the table for privacy and convenience. All cardholder data is securely tokenized, providing peace of mind for both players and operators.

Streamlining Employee Operations


LiveCage® is an advanced automation solution that streamlines the cash payout process, enabling faster and more precise transactions. LiveCage automates cashier drawers, increases staff efficiency, reduces variances, and provides cashiers the time to create a better patron experience. Passport’s proprietary software and dispenser hardware offer best-in-class features and usability for cashiers. Passport’s unique Data Capture module enables seamless integration with virtually all cash service providers and gaming systems for streamlined cashier payout operations. Cashiers can spend less time on administrative tasks, and more time delivering a better patron experience.

Bank Builder Pro™

Maximize employee productivity with Bank Builder Pro™, an automated recycling solution for employees to start and end shifts, open and close tills, make deposits and change, and complete revenue audits, all while providing the operator comprehensive real-time access to critical data through a centralized portal.

Title 31 and AML Compliance Automation

Guardian Pro®

In compliance with Federal Anti-Money Laundering and BSA regulations, Guardian Pro® creates and provides the ability to consolidate all audits, CTRs, SARs, W2Gs, 1099s, W9s, and more, with a click of a button. Guardian Pro makes compliance monitoring and reporting more straightforward and efficient by reducing operational overhead and manual data entry. The intuitive web-based user interface is accessible from most browsers, including tablets, and speeds data entry at the cage. With automated transaction and player data imported from existing systems, notices can be quickly reviewed, and reports generated for MTL/MIL, CTR, and SARs submissions.

“Our loyalty and payment suite of products is the most robust in our competitive space,” added Diallo Gordon, Chief Product Officer, Passport. “Omni-channel doesn’t paint the full picture of our product and service capability. Our customers have a powerful set of tools that drive player acquisition and retention, cash to the floor, casino operations and compliance. Our competitive edge is point of interaction where we interact, identify, influence, inform and incent guests in real time across ALL resort verticals; this is the much-needed handshake between innovation and business.”

Passport will be showcasing these solutions and more in booth #3430 during G2E at the Venetian Expo Center on Oct.10-12. Discover how Passport solutions can transform your casino operations by booking a demonstration at our booth. 

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About Passport Technology

Passport’s pursuit of excellence is driven through diversity, inclusion, and collaboration as we strive to create opportunities for all stakeholders to thrive. Passport is a leading developer of technology-based solutions and services for the highly regulated payments, gaming, and financial services markets. The company’s product portfolio includes redemption kiosks, quasi-cash, check warranty, ATM, digital payments, cash and cashless integrations, casino automation, regulatory compliance solutions, bank-sponsored transaction processing, server and web-based analytics, agnostic application management systems, and interactive content and loyalty services. Through its privileged gaming licenses and payment sponsorships, Passport has securely and responsibly settled over $45 billion in funds to casino floors across the globe.

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