Passport Technology’s Award-Winning Service and Support Expanded to Canada

Passport Technology Canada Ltd (“Passport”), the fastest growing provider of payment technology to the global gaming industry, is pleased to announce the expansion of award-winning service and support infrastructure to Canada to best serve our customers and growing product offering. 

“Passport has operated in Canada for six years, settled billions of dollars to casino floors, introduced innovative self-service technology and currently operates one of the most advanced and secure cloud-based ATM processing platforms in DataStream®,” states Chad Boynak, COO & CFO. “With this growth and commitment to leadership, Passport is investing in people and infrastructure to provide local proprietary service and support to our valued customers. My previous experience as an operator of multiple Casino Resorts in Canada gives me confidence this is a superior solution for our customers.”

Passport continues to evolve existing Credit, Debit and ATM solutions and is excited to bring industry-leading “Loyalty / Marketing” (Lush® & Mira®) and “Cage Automation” (LiveCage®) technology widely distributed in the United States to Canada. Passport’s service and support centre in Edmonton, Alberta, will be well-equipped to support all existing and new products and demonstrates Passport’s commitment to customer collaboration and development. 

Passport brought its proprietary POS processing platform DataStream® live with Canadian customers in 2023 after significant development and years of processing success in the U.S. Passport customers in Canada will benefit from proven redundancy, reporting capabilities and innovation that major U.S. casinos rely on. 

"Passport has always prided itself with the “service first” model. We are excited to expand our office and employee footprint in Western Canada to better support our customers and new products. Canada is my second home, and my personal commitment to servicing our customers will now be elevated with our expanded presence,” says Jason King, CRO.  

About Passport
Passport’s pursuit of excellence is driven through diversity, inclusion, and collaboration as we strive to create opportunities for all stakeholders to thrive. Passport is a leading developer of technology-based solutions and services for the highly regulated payments, gaming, and financial services markets. The company’s product portfolio includes redemption kiosks, quasi-cash, check warranty, ATM, digital payments, cash and cashless integrations, casino automation, regulatory compliance solutions, bank-sponsored transaction processing, server and web-based analytics, agnostic application management systems, and interactive content and loyalty services. Through its privileged gaming licenses and payment sponsorships, Passport has securely and responsibly settled over $45 billion in funds to casino floors across the globe.

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Source: Passport Technology Inc.